• things_i_hide 9w


    Im afraid to say it
    But you do bother me alot
    You , who is always in my mind
    Make me wonder
    How you are feeling now ?
    Sad or happy ?
    Angry or calm ?
    Its so hard to tell when im so far..
    And then the time comes
    When i miss you the most
    And my eyes search for you everywhere i go..
    I have so many questions for you
    And alot of nonsense talks to do
    Honestly , this distance now sucks
    Can't wait anymore for all those hugs..
    I dont know if i meant to be with you or not
    But i just hope and believe
    You will stay and understand
    What i feel and how much i care
    So don't let me go
    Even if sometime I'm rude to you
    Just stay with me not to leave
    I know our timing is not good
    But i just want to believe when they said
    You meet the right person at the wrong time
    So i want you my love to wait for the moment
    When we will be together not to be apart ..