• rajnishshridhar07 5w

    The stories won't end even when they're dead.
    You look like a breeze, a blue one,
    my hair is in a meadow, your heart.
    Towards the end is an uncanny dusk, with dusts of what we rename into memories.
    Songs of a playlist begin, with love so coloured; Rainbows turned. Looked back.
    You are my blue rainbow, my blue sea,
    You are the smell of the new pages I am about to fill with your smiles, with you.
    How often do you dream, for you are a breath apart from me. You are a storm, the azure was what I hoped for, the sapphire droplets drenching me in it's thoughts.
    While I sit alone, I see the clouds melting, in my thoughts of you. I hear symphonies of your unheard voice. You don't talk much, do you? You burn a bit every morning you wake up to, I would live another day to see that face, to feel your breath.
    The winds brushed off my face.
    I smiled, I did. A breeze comes in, blues my senses. All I can do is breathe.