• shirleybarnett 50w

    Mothers Nature

    what am I
    I'm everywhere,
    I change so regular
    you feel my presence,
    I give you colour
    for you to show,
    not predicted
    just speculate to know,
    I'm mother nature
    with twists and turns
    changing temperature
    what also burns,
    My temperature can plummet
    even go below,
    -10 and a blanket of snow,
    thunder storms
    lightning,can be very frightening,
    mother nature
    I always say,
    not controlled
    following rules,just a force
    to except, each day
    devastation in places,
    So cruel to see.
    I'm mother's nature
    with challenging ways.
    so never predict normality
    for destruction I create,
    who's to know what is your fate.xx