• rodney 9w

    Tears behind a colourful Rainbow.

    Raindrops falling are causing the rainbow their bend.
    In broad daylight, Lord's promise is where I'm headed to, to vent.

    My sorrows are not attractive.
    It's habitually, reclusive.

    So, mourning does no good.
    Neither do I reside in a countryside, where people can go to chop some wood.

    This dude I know says, I'm brute.
    And some girls find me cute.

    But in truth, I'm kind a mute.
    Loves the notes produced by breathing life to a flute.

    I'm genuinely very very much sad.
    Not interested in conversations ending with asking what I had ? —
    For breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    I'm neither thinner.
    I'm not even a winner.
    Neither am I a runner.

    All I wish is I had a time turner.
    I don't even know why these words flow from every nook and corner.

    Eyelashes don't seem wet.
    Only my palms do sweat.

    I prefer solitary, even from a pet.

    If this state carries on,
    My ultimatum wouldn't be too late.

    I call people mate because brothers and sisters have started to hate.
    Maybe I was just a tasteless dish, beautifully presented on a plate.

    “One who follows be followed.
    One who swallows is being hollowed.”

    With no one to grab him.
    No one to say they love him.
    No one to live for or die for;

    So his,
    this hour
    feels forever.