• stevenlee 5w


    I stand here, in my studio, while at my easel, thinking about us, as we, have always had, ever since, the first time, we met, this unspoken, this unknowable connection, that without words, we knew and we, still know now, what each other is saying, as you, throughout the years, have become my model, my guiding light, my inspiration, as my eyes, draw your flesh, as I trace, your lines upon my page, being that, in our times, together, this is, our private intimacy, as you lay, unclothed for me, as I stand, looking, in awe, as the tip, of my brush, coaxes you forward, as my hands, reach out, for I look, at you, like no other can, as I want, to see you, from the inside, into the depths, of your heart and your soul.

    So now, this way, having you here, having you pose, is knowing ourselves, in this deep journey, we have continued, as I find, more and more, exploring, discovering, an capturing you, with the realism, that covers, this canvas, as I am, just this simple artist, with an uninhibited, secret desire, to draw, my lover, for now, until one day, past forevermore.