• dream_note 6w

    Unspoken words

    Yes i am silent
    Like these roads
    I am secretly a part of
    Your dreams and your desires
    I don't know why
    You are in the story of my soul everyday
    The softness of your hair,
    The addiction to your eyes✨
    If i ever lose myself in them
    What Did i do wrong?
    The cheeky smile of yours
    The secret blush of yours
    Mesmerise me everysecond
    She smile by habit, not by choice
    She go through phases just like moon
    But she always complete her lunar cycle
    And return to her bright side again
    She is quite emotional but she dont make it look like( sakht ladki),, actually she is reallyyyyy emotional. She never let anyone get close to herr, cause she is afraid of hurting them,, (cares for everyone).
    Sometimes she gets sad,, she smiles from face, but cries from heart, my stupid girl♥, she never expresses her pain, sorrow, probably cause she loves u and care about u and she dont want u to worryy about her, cause she is grown, matured into a beautiful women✨❤ whom i secretly ♥.

    (just friends)