• barefoot 9w

    The Art of
    Letting go
    is an
    Expensive one to learn.

    We need to
    First eke out the
    Last shred of
    To believe
    That even without every
    Single thing that we are desperately
    Clinging onto ,
    We are every bit
    worthy of
    the space that we occupy.

    We then need
    To painstakingly learn to
    look at the world with
    A heart that is not heavy
    With the weight of the burden
    It has gotten used to carrying around.
    This might seem fairly easy ,
    Because who would
    Not like to be unburdened
    After all?
    But the truth is that our heart
    Gets so used to the hypnotic baggage of
    Everything we carry
    That it synchronises its heartbeat
    To the rhythm of the chains
    Keeping it caged.
    And so
    to wake up every day
    And to willingly coax the heart
    Into learning a song that isn't
    Born from the belly of the chains
    We entangle ourselves in
    Is a very , very hard endeavour to
    One that costs every last
    Bit of hope we can
    Muster , a hope
    to experience the Joy
    Of flying unbridled at
    Any and all cost.

    And finally ,
    If we do find this courage
    And this power to follow the above,
    We need to be able to
    Know that the song
    That we have lovingly
    And Carefully taught our hearts
    To sing
    in the wake of being
    Free from our burden
    Is one that holds the
    Calibre and hue to be
    Totally embraced by the ears
    Of the universe.

    But once we
    Do somehow learn this
    Excruciating art
    Of letting Go ,

    We will surely
    From the ashes of
    Our outgrown past self
    like the phoenix,
    And the real beauty would
    Be that now we would
    Be holding onto something far
    More kinder and holier
    Than our burden,

    We will be holding onto
    Our truth and our love and our passion.

    To live so lightly
    On the body of the universe
    That she finds it in
    Herself to even
    Allow us to

    Just a little bit.


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