• silentwind 5w

    I don't know why I typed this. But lately a lot has been going on. And I couldnt do anything but type what was on my mind. Hope you enjoy. #NightimeVibes
    #Lonely #Silence

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    The Room

    There's a room full of nothing and I'm in the spotlight. A single chair in the middle, I don't want the limelight. The silence is my friend. No other knows me best. You think you know better? Well I detest. This void in my chest of where my heart use to beat. Now lies on the floor in the blood of my defeat. Ever so numb to everything around me. I've lost sense of who I am becoming.
    By day I heed through all tribulations. By night I bleed In the loneliness of my frustrations. The cries of my soul never to be heard. The room I sit In is what I prefer. Remember? Silence is my friend.