• ramnik 10w

    I'am not nurturing past

    I have begin to forget our moments, makes me happy that am moving ahead.
    At the same time it makes me sad, that now i can no longer return to those memories.

    To me love was never losing myself in the moment,
    It was about becoming strong and revisiting those places over and over again.

    You were my addiction, several times i Injected that memory lane, beautiful kisses in my heart.
    It was over and over again.

    One day i woke up and realized our part has died.
    I was watering dead plants which will never become beautiful trees with soothing shade.

    I begin my di - Toxification process, over the time i stopped revisiting those moments those places.
    Once again i feel free to fly and at the same time to fall.

    This is the beauty of love, if it doesn't haunt you with distance, then it was never love.
    If you feel spark when they are around, it dies as soon as distance turns to miles.

    True love never leaves you. It will visit you in your hectic schedule, in your sleep and in your memories. Love is meant to be special don't make it toxic like a drug which kills you inside. Love is to grow together.