• anjalirawat11 10w


    Dear BestFriend,

    I know life’s not easy. I know it’s tough. 
    I never thought your relation would end this way!
    But just get a thing clear, “Some things never work. No matter how hard you try to hold on, if it isn’t meant to be it will always find ways to escape”.

    You always considered him as a part of yourself, your family, your bestest companion. Know your love for him was sincere, truthful, pure & genuine. You never asked him to love you back or to care the way you used to do for him.You only wished to stay with him forever. No, it wasn’t something more that you asked for, you wished for. You loved him unconditionally, flawlessly. And this makes you the most kind hearted person. The purest soul ever.

    So blissful it was to witness, “When the world was showing their love ‘to’ others, You both were busy showing ‘love’ to each other”. How blessed & lucky we are to have someone in our life who understands our silence, who understands what we want to say even if we can’t. “Love isn’t always about speaking, But it’s also about understanding.

    I still remember you being friend with him. Your both’s friendship was the one my heart always craved for. So pure. Impeccable!! From you I learnt the power of one sided love & why is it considered to be the purest. For me it was only a myth. You cleared my misconception. I remember your words “ One-sided love is the most powerful weapon”.
    You give your heart out. You never see the coming circumstances, you care a lot, you give your everything your time, your smile, your happiness, your helpful hand & maybe that’s why you get hurt badly, intensely.

    I only heard in the high school and read somewhere in the social media, quotes that “People change when they find some other person. They replace people easily”. But after seeing your both’s friendship I never believed in this theory. I surely considered it as a ‘false belief’. The connection which you both had. Call it telepathy or intuition but I firmly believe that ‘Some souls are actually connected. At times, we can feel them. We get vibes, like your conscience is trying to speak to you, trying to wake you, trying to tell you that your soul mate, your better half has come. Like a soul trying to connect other soul, showing some path, taking somewhere’. I know it sounds like a jerk or weirdo and even filmy though, but it is a corporeality.

    But here I am. Dishearten, disappointed seeing everything turn contrasting.

    I know the pain which you are going through especially when someone most special walk away from your life. It injects deeply. It kills.

    During the high school one fine day you came to me and said “Life is all about them who never leave your side at any phase, who understands you more than anyone could, who takes time from their daily routine to talk to you, to make you feel their presence & who always prioritise you no matter how many people come along & go. Life is really worth living ‘for’ them, ‘with’ them.”

    Then why ‘life’ became so cruel? Or should I correct myself by replacing it with ‘humans’? Why do they change? Why can’t they be the same? Where does their feelings die? Where does their promises lie? The person who always topped the chat list is now no where seen in the list now. How? Why life is so burdensome sometimes? And one day the continuing, habitual GOOD MORNING & GOOD NIGHT texts fade, stops. It dissipate. The one which was a necessity, which enlighten the day, which quash the darkness is no more a part of our life. How could be life even breath taking with the absence of such people? Non-survival, unimaginable. It sucks. We desperately miss the ‘old’ them. And maybe this is the price you pay when you give importance to someone more than they deserve.

    On a concludery note, I just want you to let know that often I don’t say much but I love you. Be it ‘bestfriends betrayal’ to ‘unsuccessful relationship’ I am with you, next to you. In every ‘case’, in every ‘phase’ I won’t leave your side. When life will ‘suck’ I will ‘pluck’ all the thorns from you & make it worth living.

    Lots of Love.
    Yours forever,
    Best bud