• soni_27 9w

    Distressed on call,
    She stands half-naked standing down the mid-street,
    Hunger spells on thru her driven wet eyes,
    Deprived of sleep, as her baby clings on for her food every day, and hunger keeps her moving,
    But as the cold nights and cruel effects of the sun displays her cracks on her swollen feet,
    But still, her silence speaks her miseries aloud,
    As I see her daily begging on traffic signals for that morsel of food,
    Yes, she ragamuffin in the busy street city calling for help but no one to hear her pleads as selfish people roam around prying on nakedness but no alms to share from pockets brutal throughout.


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    Ragamuffin from the city

    Hunger has a silent language,
    If only people could spare some courtesy.
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