• eddyyy_writes 9w

    Ever Grateful

    O faithful me
    Accepted to the throne of success and riches
    Beloved me
    Loved by the Kings, Queens and all
    Because of my beauty and fascination
    O me they held
    Higher than that of myself
    I was afraid to fall

    O pity me
    The tunnel of freedom opened to me
    How deep it was, never ended
    O foolish I
    Me used it anomalously
    Now history I
    I'm left behind

    I'm an outcast
    An out blast from the Elite
    I'm a laughing stock
    A tool to mock

    Perplexity, anxiety, confusion and the foes look at me

    O hear Elite
    Why do you delete
    Remember the cups, the feast,
    The celebration we made
    The jokes and plays I made

    I now resolute my being
    Not taken in
    To judge myself
    By the Elite

    O faithful me
    Why begrudge the Elite
    When I have air in my pipes
    Fuel in the tank
    And an engine running
    I'm ever grateful for me