• arifashamayal 5w

    Falling in love is easy to do
    I felt for you right out of the blue.

    Ah! I distinctly muse it was december morning
    When I couldn't stop my impish heart from slipping

    Those indelible halcyon hazy sunny rays which was falling over your thrilled face,
    And the serene breeze ruffling your hair as far I could chase.

    As it was the age where the oxytocin levels were increasing,
    I wasn't able to resist my feelings.

    I was overjoyed to see you making a goal,
    But I had to hold back that ecstatic feelings after all.

    No sooner after that break time had come to an end,
    And everyone returned to the class but entities were bewildering in my mind.

    You were wiping your sweat,
    And i was gazing at you i don't know why that moment was so perfect.

    But too my surprise you caught me starring you,
    I had no clue what to do.(but to look away)

    Ensuingly you called out my name,
    At that notable moment stopping the rush of my blush was my only aim.

    Fast forward to that night where I was seeking out, trying to catch a glimpse,
    Of you radiant face in lake of dreams.

    Falling in love is easy to do,
    I felt for you right out of the blue.