• miranda_m 31w

    The Sea Facade

    The dark stillness broken by the pulsations of the thrashing ocean
    Reverberating echoes of her undulating rhythmic motions
    Breaking the monotony of the familiar seaside suburbs
    And drowning the town's habituating hubbub
    A lone boat sailing, in the depths, in the distant view
    Bespoke of a calmness in the midst of a chaotic mileau
    Seagulls gathering around with shreds of gleaming fishes
    A copious growth of planktons that it so relishes
    A myriad hues bathe the waters at dusk and dawn
    Roaring away her tales of magic with the arrival of the morn
    The lustful sands embellish her borders with colours of gold
    Where life takes a leisurely break, for both the young and old
    A facade of the boundless, enchanting the explorers
    A hidden trove of mysteries and ancient buried treasures
    Her rapture breaks my solitude and makes me feel alive
    My lonely nights ablaze with dreams by her side
    The ink of my imagination embarks upon a poetic voyage
    As I am enamoured by the ocean's tranquil facade.