• droneking 6w

    Life's a B*tch

    This life of ups and downs is anything but easy

    This life's a bitch and she's always acting shady and sleazy

    Been pissed on harder than the storms raining in my brain

    Forks in the road popping up left and right crashing on the learning curve again

    Feels like I'm always losing in this game of love

    Looking towards the sky and asking for guidance from above

    In my dark world this cold wind blows Tina snow storms in the nose

    I'm falling to Pieces I got more holes in me than a homeless man's clothes

    For fucks sakes I'm starting to go insane so liquid courage flows through
    my veins

    Drowning out all my fear in life numbing any struggle and strife

    At least give me a kiss before I get fucked around by life

    Tina giving me a cold heart, flurries of painful memories events of
    my life

    Smashing on the gas hitting the fast lane searching for fast pain

    Because my whole book is torn and withered chapters full of rain