• sanjita_singha_ 37w

    The Spring of Hope

    When the rain pours it makes me feel too cold and agonizing to bear the air that blows,despite of its freshness. Although, this chilled air penetrates through the deepest pith of my heart, the soul as well.
    I, take a deep breath and feel that everything will be alright sooner.
    And ironically,it gives me a hope to start everything all over again.
    No, I don't shed tears when it pours until it becomes incessant, my heartbeat gets fast and feels like everything is going to get ruined again.
    I keep trying not to cry, not to have a sleepless night. Not to be so worried about things which are not going to occur and through this very beam of hope , I try to make myself snug and that is the moment when I feel a bit relief that at least i am not alone. And this was the only moment. Not wanting to linger a bit longer. Not everyday is going to be same like this.
    However,I just hope that one day all my sorrows will get vanished and shall get to feel the true happiness. But it is just a wish that wasn't going to be fulfilled. Because every time I held my heart strong and not let the tears flow , I just remembered that I can't kill pain but suppress it and venture out in pursuit of happiness.