• ameley 10w

    Indeed the mind is a being on its own. Does what it pleases without the body's permission. Trying to mind my business but my mind opens the doors of my past memories. Remembering times we spent together. And things we planned on doing do as well. All this makes my inner man feel sick. Because it refuses to admit that I miss you. That I miss you alot. But I can't do anything about it. Can't even stop my mind from viewing the past. Now I wish I could see you in person and forget about our worst times together, forget about the pain we felt because of issues. And embrace you. For I know that, I not only embrace you, but joy and peace. Smelling the scent on you makes me aware that, there are brighter days. That even in the dark, there is a light. Focusing on that little light can make me forget that there is a dark surrounding around me. And at the hearing of your voice, it calms my worries. For I feel comfort in your warm arms. And hearing your heartbeat as my head rest on your chest, tells me you are here, right by my side.
    But then, reality doesn't allow it, that is why I wish.
    © J-NAT