• squealingwords 31w

    Stars are up and high
    Pearls are down and deep
    And i am pendulum in between
    Wishing to grab one of them.. at least
    I wanna fly in sky, up and high
    I wanna swim in sea, down and deep
    I want stars in one hand and pearls in other
    Why can't they both be together?

    I must have been blind ,fool to see ..that
    They have been together all this time
    Go to calm and open sea with clear and open sky
    you will see stars in the sea and pearls coming out
    Callisto leaping in the sea, orion hunting for the fish, Hippocrene springing from Pegasus hoof
    Oh My! They were endlessly apart but hopelessly close
    And that's beauty of god

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    Stars and pearls

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