• priyanka_07 10w

    Mi amor

    Maybe I am falling for you or maybe its just the comfortability that I feel with you,
    you are not just a number in my phone list,
    you are not just any random person I talk to,
    even if you ain't into me,
    I still wait for you,
    I wake up to see just your name in the message list and I explain myself maybe the workload is on gist.
    And when your name pops up on the screen,
    My heart rate goes up the speed,
    the brain nerves begun with a tapping dance to make the face smile to the need.
    Maybe 2020 took away something from everyone,
    But it gave me your warmth in this chaos world of mine ,
    That I have starred marked your messages which describes your sweetness which I read everyday,
    And now at the end of the year,
    your hallucinations follows me everywhere,
    you are there when I eat, when I watch a movie, when I sleep , when I hear a song , you come beside me and hear to me patiently.
    And someday I want to shout out of my balcony to you that yes!
    I want to grow old with you, your brain, your sweetness , your hallucinations.