• johnindia 6w

    Why should we speak in English?

    We should speak in English because English is one of the language which is widely spoken all around the world.If we know English language properly,there are many chances of getting higher paid job.

    English is the only language considered as an official language of 53 countries.It is also known as the first language of 400 million people around the world.In every country it used as media industry.

    Now a days it is commonly used in the Internet for different apps.It is very easy to learn compared to other native language.It gives us a lot of satisfaction to learn and communicate with others.

    In every school a variety of courses like Science,Social,Geography and Math etc are taught in English.It is one of the best language of the world if we want to learn the culture and belief system of other countries.

    Those are the some of the basic reasons why we should learn English.Learn English in a funny way because,if you taken it seriously it’s not easy to learn,but be sincere and practice more.Eventually,English will fall in love with you.

    So why do you want to learn English?