• c_n_u_ 9w

    Have you ever been so done with relationships you didn't want one more,
    But somehow someone talked you into walking back into another relationship trap door.
    And the only way you could have ever agreed to this agonizing trip was because he was so good to you walking away would have made you sick.
    Like this guy is seemingly the man you wished all the others were and if you don't give yourself this chance then you are dumb for sure.
    But little did you know that because you were done with love you made sure that it showed treated him as if despincable and right over him you mowed.
    Trampled on his feelings and stabbed him in his pride
    Made sure that he knew that you wern't into trying to take this ride.
    Made sure he knew that this relationship was dispensable too
    And in the beginning that was probably true.
    You didnt want have to try to it's too much work and if it's for someone to just turn into another jerk
    Supposedly you aren't even willing even for someone worth itt
    And now he's drifted. And how can I say you don't get it.
    He tried so hard for me and I'm not sure I deserve it...
    I say I don't want to have to try then let this awesome man slip right the fuck on by.and you seems to think your perfect for you then why is it you are always confused.
    You say these things are just the way they are then quit making him suffer because he is the best by far.
    He's down to earth funny and he's not bad in bed but you seam to think your the best and that shit went to your head.. Humble yourself or you will lose him and learn to smile if you truly choose him.
    . A little bit of peace is what he needs for him to take another look and see if you two will succeed so I will learn how to get out of my fantasy rild and showyou I can really be your girl for real.