• starlight_s 6w

    Ever felt that you are in a situation
    where, you want to grow, to learn,
    to love and be loved, to be the best version yourself but stay calm at the same time and
    most importantly, to live.

    you wake up every morning thinking that this is it, today's the day I'll turn everything round,
    today's the day I'll completely be myself,
    today's "the" day.

    And then, suddenly, reality hits hard,
    you realize you are trapped in a situation
    from where u can't even think of getting out,
    you have expectations on your shoulders
    from friends to family to everyone else.
    you have people to give attention to,
    or else, they suddenly think that you're changed.

    Your years of good work go wrong and stupid if suddenly you start doing your own thing, isn't it?

    You have questions, that nobody can answer,or maybe coze they don't know how to answer.

    With all these thoughts you get up realizing nothing can be done.

    You again go to your work place, work your ass off,
    and return home tired, you complete your assignments, your loved ones complain you don't have time for them, not realizing it's the best you're doing in this situation.

    you have your dinner, with an empty stomach and a heavy heart when you see your dreams vanishing, societal pressure makes you feel suicidal, but you don't do that coze then you're a loser, isn't it correct?

    you reach for your bed, fall down hopelessly, tired in and out.

    and then, there ends just another day in your, well ah,

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