• beingnormal 10w

    What do you think the ending should be?

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    Traveller : Why do you wait here?

    Me : I wait for the one who promised to return.

    Traveller : No one is ever gonna show up.

    Me : You are wrong, they will.

    Traveller : This is the path of the broken. Only you can walk this path.

    There I stood for another 1000 years waiting when I finally realized that no one will come, I turned to the path and the gate was closed.

    Me : Open the path for me.

    Gate keeper : This path is only for those who realize faster.

    Me : I did realize but is it a bit too late?
    Gate keeper : Now you have to wait here all alone till you die.

    Me : Maybe not all alone someone might end up just like me and I will make them my friend.

    Gate keeper : Look at yourself, you poor soul doing the same mistake you did last time and trusting someone with your life as the consequence.