• nasvall 23w


    You express your emotions with the typing of letters,
    Thinking worldly opinions is making lives better.

    In secret your values sit up in high shelf,
    But in public the sin flows freely from mouths.

    A hypicrit to all you speak but don't listen,
    Never bask in your thoughts to see what's trully missing.

    You beat on family with the lash of a loose tongue.
    Snapping the values in the hearts of your loved ones.

    Patiently waiting for any glimmer of change,
    The sparkle of concious, one thought rearranged.

    Yet day in and day out, you justify anger,
    You speak with no filter, your heart now a stranger.

    To all those that knew the you before life hit,
    Praying your soul can be saved in this dark pit.

    I tell you from living it, there is only one way,
    from a man who knows pain, and anxieties bane.

    Separation, and cheating, a marriage so toxic,
    Two kids, solo income, who had it and lost it.

    That when your empire falls, not a if but a when.
    That God it the only one who can lift you again.

    Alone on a couch seat, the first time, just me,
    I was honest with him, the one who really could see

    I threw it all in conversation, not a thing did I justify.
    The blame lied in me, no excuses I used to hide.

    That every event that led to that moment,
    Was of my own crafting, I reaped and I sowed it.

    But the peace threw honesty, nothing here can compare.
    The certantly of golden roads and mansions up stairs.

    Forgiveness like high tide, washed my concious free.
    I stood up a new man, heart still at my knees.

    And every day from there until my eternity.
    I am walking his way, without a single uncertanty.

    I know there is no way to express how this feels,
    I just pray you can find out how perfect he heals.

    And know that I walk for you, every single one.
    To show and to help grow threw the act he has done.

    Ive never had to see you, to tell you his power,
    So come to me, ask me, at every hour

    I'm patiently waiting to do a moment if God's work,
    And am no way scared to walk where the devil lurks.