• djslykid 23w

    Sometimes You Need To Feel

    I'm at the point,
    Where I don't care if the sun shines,
    I don't care if I rise like the sun does,

    I'm like a bullet;
    In the sense that I'm just moving forward
    Without any idea where I'm going
    And if I hit you,
    Please forgive me for killing you

    Cause I feel so cold
    And I've checked out in this hotel we call life
    And I don't want to wait at all.

    I've called for death like a nurse,
    Wondering what's taking him so long to reply

    I feel ever so cold as the days move;
    My heart is locked up somewhere else
    And whoever owns it must be happy
    Cause a good heart is hard to keep

    Still here I lay,
    Watching my pain drip like an IV,
    Seeing the sky drag on before me