• dipanjan_b 5w

    The times when evil grabs the world,
    Vishnu takes a birth.
    The sinful grins and treacherous souls,
    Must now leave the earth.

    Vishnu in his differing forms,
    Holds on to this land.
    His footprints in those distinct frames,
    Adorn the mortal sand.

    His divine grace and blissful smile,
    Embellishes our souls.
    Krishna among those distinct names,
    Marked our human goals.

    This is the day we rejoice love,
    Love for the Lord of Lords.
    His noble birth and divine deeds,
    Are beyond my mortal words.

    We hold thy hand to live in peace,
    You live inside the heart.
    Krishna you are our mate, our Lord,
    The most eternal part.

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