• abhipshaneog0381 5w

    Shedding somewhere apart ..

    Somewhere it left untold,
    Somewhere we couldn't open up towards each other,
    Somewhere our voices were unheard,
    Was all these indicating to that vary reason
    About which we were totally unaware ,
    May be we knew somewhere, but couldn't let it happen
    May be we were sure that this would lead us to each other's destiny leaving behind destruction,
    May be the tall tree behind never wanted to shed their leaves,
    But it wasn't their choice,
    It was just preplanned
    Maybe like those leaves we were also hoping,
    But it was the almighty who made correct choices for us ,
    Our choices didn't really matter , but our efforts did ,
    Leaving behind our choices we again started
    Maybe everyday wasn't as perfect as we tried to make it earlier,
    But even in each other's absence we did continue and will continue.....