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    Actually when I was a child I use to read lots of holy books and due to this, I'm getting it's side effects now. Anyhow nothing bad is happening because IT IS HOLY BOOKS AND WE CAN EXPECT THE RATIO OF 80:20 IN IT (80% good and 20% bad), so overall growth would be more than 75% goodness, which is definitely not a bad percentage.

    In one of the holy books I don't remember whether it is BHAGVATH PURAN or VISHNU PURAN or whether some other book, I read a story which says that DURING THE END OF DVAPAR YUG (3rd phase of timeline in HINDUISM) AND THE STARTING OF KALIYUG, MAHAVISHNU WOULD INCARNATE AS BUDDHA AND WOULD TAKE ALL THE SINNERS TO ONE PLACE. THAT PLACE IS CHINA.

    Those who have read it would say, WHAT RUBBISH? But I know very well and I'm damn sure I have read this story in some holy book but since it is more than 3 decades I'm not sure which book it is? When I read it at that time I was furious and thought what was wrong with the writer but now after looking at the CHINA'S activities, IT SEEMS THAT THE WRITER IS NOT WRONG.