• ansharah 22w

    And then there came a time in my life when It was getting very difficult for me to understand You ... And all of a sudden other people became important and you ,somewhere , lost the importance in my life & I felt that you just don't want me to be happy ... All you want is your rules to be followed ... Today, I regret what I thought ... I allowed certain people to be so important in my life that I just failed to see you & your concerns for me and hence i remained in a delusion for a well good period of time which I could have avoided have I not been under the "Influence" of people ... I cried and then blamed you for it ... Today, I lost all of them and the only person standing by my side is You .Over a period of time I undrstood what I lost during that time ... Everybody either parted ways, or left without saying anything or just stayed but without holding any Importance in my life ... Hostel sucks me today and all I want is "Me sitting on the kitchen platform talking to u" ... I love you & I wish I could turn back time !

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    I wish I could turn back time ... ¡!