• eishanku 22w

    See There Was A Tear Rolling Down My Face As I Began To Write This
    So I Closed My Eyelids & Let It Fall
    Because If Love Is Blind Then This Feelings Sightless
    And Me .. I Feel Nightless Dayless Restless Because Of This Hatred
    & I Don't Mean Emotionally 
    I Mean What I feel When You're Not Close To Me
    Because Today We're Barely Even Speaking
    & It Feels Like Just Yesterday
    You Were Lying Restlessly In My Arms
    Like .. You Had Something To loose If You Moved
    & Today I'm Here Alone Hating It
    & Your Voice Like Air Whispering Between The Cracks
    "I Love You " "I Love You Back "
    But Everything Seemed To Fall Just Like That
    I Cried Twice
    You Held Grudges So long & Hard
    I felt So Much Love Cutting Beneath my Skin 
    It Was Enough to Leave Me Permanently Scarred 
    You Are The Love I Never Been Able To Personify , But Only Touch Feel & See From A Distance
    You Are The Time ; The Seconds The Minutes The Hours Within Me
    & I Never Felt This Way Before
    So Broken So Empty ; So Whole , Then So Half Of A Person .