• diksharaj 5w

    I ain't that expressive but I have feelings too,
    I too love and care but I can't express it tho,

    There're some people who mean the world to me,
    But Neither I can say nor they can see
    I wish they could read my mind,
    Or I wish I could make them remind,

    Neither I speak much nor do I share,
    But I wanna let 'em know that I also care..!

    But , I hesitate to say,
    Coz expressing feelings merely through words is not my way..!

    Instead of shouting out my emotions,
    Either I prefer to do something for my people or I try to make them smile,
    And when they smile coz of me is quite worthwhile.!

    Yes, It ain't that easy to express what we feel,
    Yet many are good at expressing but few just prefer to conceal..

    And I don't regret for being like this...
    But I really want them to know..that their presence in my life is a matter of bliss...