• thephenomenal 6w



    Every decision is based on probability
    It depends on the level of certainty
    Straighten the head and control your wheel
    Self discipline to move out of comfort if required
    Keep the focus not to be faked by mirage

    Nothing is impossible for a willing heart
    A mankind do not have to follow others dust step
    Make a mark on the running river
    Be a best satilite and dwell above the sky
    There is nothing hindering you from daring status quo

    The elasticity of your limit won't be exceeded
    The goal G is directly proportion
    to the applied force or focus
    Then there is will be no restriction for success story

    Surely, laws are meant to be followed
    And record are meant to be broken too
    Not with arms but through the hand and heart
    At the last touch, all words made quote
    But not all quote make the world