• ishanaghosh 6w

    She(Sea) is mine

    The sea is mild today
    Her rough edges
    Smoothed since last night
    My scent in the sand
    Doesn't pass me by

    I can't see see my worries
    Waves gush over them
    Sounding so sweet and bold
    Glistening silver sheen
    Sing of stories untold

    My pals lost in slumber
    Dream of this very moment
    As we live dreamy lives
    sans Hunger pangs
    My senses feed on this sky

    And never did the wind
    Touch me ever so gently
    I wake up in climax
    Bathe in a melting horizon
    Salt seeping into cracks

    Of my fur so fawn
    They mistake me for the sand
    And I don't mind
    I'm one with the ocean
    I'm one of her kind

    She is a beauty
    Flaunting her turquoise
    Foamy in all the right places
    Blackest yet warm
    Even in the dark
    She steals all the gazes

    She is mild today
    Her roughness
    Frightened me last night
    But now, she has reclaimed me
    And now, she is all mine.