• leader_of_tomorrow_ 5w


    Everyone can agree that thus far, 2020 has been a horrible year. However, it does feel like a cleansing year.

    The dirt of multinational corporate companies destroying nature have been scrubbed thoroughly into losses. The same animals, who lost their homes to these companies, now roam freely in a world that was also created for them. The dust of the nepotism in Bollywood is now being cleaned for the world to see their injustices. They are losing their fan base and being exposed for their corruption. Our busy schedules were stopped so we could pay attention to issues regarding police brutality and rape. We started to create awareness for those suffering in Yemen. We stopped complaining about our own lives and started fighting for people like George Floyd. People who raped / sexually assaulted others were exposed. People who were toxic and destructive were all exposed from their charade.

    Internally, we have also been exposed. Personally, I realized that I am studying Bcom Accounting but I wish to be a real writer. I want to make a difference and create an infinity with a limited amount of words. I also realized my built in insecurities and pain that I did not fully allow myself to deal with. Being stuck at home with my mind, I have been able to combat my insecurities and my past pain. Most importantly, I realized to appreciate that I have a family. They may have their faults but their beautiful imperfections are alive and love me. I am loved. I am not alone. I do not have fake friends and I have a damn wonderful relationship.

    I appreciate my life greatly and I have sustained my love for humanity. This virus has definitely taught me to appreciate just living in our world and the loved ones around me. We never know whom we may lose to this virus but I also learnt faith. I have faith; we shall overcome!