• hota_sia 6w

    A lost fancy

    Such were those dawns,
    when I smiled with no flaws.
    Such random were those eyes,
    that only saw you but no cause.
    Rose up high onto the skies
    Still seeing you, my patience dies.
    Such lost were those ears,
    that followed you besides those fears,
    Yet still when I remember
    I get burst into tears.
    Such restless were those lips,
    ready to conquer the world
    with you and me as dipped.
    So sorry, it's now a lost fancy
    as my life just flipped.

    Yes, still my sore heart weeps
    when I get lost in those dreams.
    But so did you,that's the truth;
    I need to go to be far out.
    To relieve from it to the farthest,
    To revive into the darkest,
    To regain the broken soul,
    To retype my life as a whole.