• rajivj 22w


    For future making, is it needed to go in past? One is endowed with present only to take care of everything including future!
    One is not given good family ,education, relationship etc then will peeping backward will give all cures?

    Indian ethos clearly forbids looking to past on maxim ‘gatam na sochanti’ meaning no lamenting to past and gone!

    Look to Indians under decimation for more than thousands but they hardly think about any thing including past as well as present and future!

    But it is also said that those forgets history, history forgets them! But it means that we to learn from past mistakes but today to shape future!

    Key is focus on present in light of past mistakes to make great future!

    Journeys are always positive and never negative! If old man moves in time machine for his youth days then what he can learn or get except shock and depression!!

    Good times lay in past for weak only ! But for strongs , good time is always in present that is key to future joys too! Today’s good sowing is certainly hope to better crop tomorrow!