• inpeace__ 5w

    Reasons I never told her

    1) At first it would have been too stupid to just tell someone you like them after few days of talking and the obvious answer was gonna be no as she had rejected my peers already
    2) Then the friendship was too precious for me and the fear of losing it took me over
    3) Then she was in a relationship and it didn't made any sense at this time , would have just complicated things
    4) Now I was done with it I had no greed of getting a Yes , I just wanted to tell her and move on but she was really sad about the results so I can't now act like a stupid jerk and be so selfish
    5) Then as if things got quite normal she sent this message about how teens are stupid and love is bullshit and that somehow killed all my courage
    6) Now to my surpirse she is in a relationship and this felt like a betrayal and I was all ready to tell her and had no fear for what it can lead to , but than she sounded so happy after so long and it just felt so stupid and it was all so perfect for her and I can't ruin that
    7) And now at last I don't care , it won't give me any peace ,the confessions won't unburden me , I am damaged beyond repair this thing is gonna die with me.