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    As a doctor, We deal with life and death every minute. If that person will live or die simply depends upon a mere step.
    I see death everyday. The crying, the sobbing or the anger of their relatives. It isn't new for me. It never impacts me
    But that case totally stirred my entity.

    My head appointed me to the case of a 10years old boy whose kidneys were removed. I went to his room and checked his nerves. It was slow so I immediately started my treatment
    Several days passed away but his health condition was deteriorating. His body wasn't responding to the medicines..But I was still trying. During his regular check ups he talked with me. Only me and no one else.. The reason I don't know.

    One day he told me that he was an orphan. To fed his stomach he sells roses. Due to high fever he suddenly fainted one day and he was hospitalized by a man who promised to cure him.
    From his talk I deducted that man was the doctor who removed his kidney.
    I had a busy schedule & time was running out. So I advised him to take rest.I was inching towards the doors & suddenly his voice rang out_
    "Sis never discriminate between poor & rich.
    Treat them evenly. You're a good doctor. If I've the opportunity, then I'll love to be a doctor like you."

    Suddenly that IV machine was beeping loudly. Our medical team rushed to the spot. But all our efforts were lost. His last breath was gone.
    As a doctor this moment is the most feared, most helpless one - When the patient dies in front of your eyes.
    How some greedy doctors play with innocent lives just for money? I'll never know.

    But that incident was still alive in my memory. Those words still hunt me in my sleep.
    I often wonder....after knowing what that doctor did to him ; If that boy still loves to be a doctor ?....
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    As a doctor,
    This moment is the most feared, most helpless one - When the patient dies in front of your eyes.