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    What if my cat ruled the world?
    a prompt by @tengoku

    Lucky for us, she's not of the ambitious type, her daily routine consists of simple tasks like eating, sleeping, going to the loo and hunting the poor insects that find their way into my home. Out of all that, she enjoys hunting the most, despite cats being known for their love for sleep. My cat is more like a dog, she bites more than she scratches. When she's on a hunt, she puts her entire focus and dedication into it, she doesn't rest until the insect hasn't died and if somehow, the insect manages to slip away from her, (only the flying ones do), she sits there looking at them and starts crying. She takes it to her heart and wonders why those insects don't wanna 'play 'with her :(
    She eats cat food as well as dog food, and before you ask me why did I feed her dog food, lemme tell you, we only fed her that coz we couldn't find cat food during the lockdown. She LOVES fish, chicken and apart from all these, she eats nothing else. I tried to feed her fast food, but she just ignored it everytime, I even tried feeding her mangoes and other fruits but she didn't like it either.

    So if my cat ruled the world, she'd do the following stuff:
    She'd order us to build big hunting arenas for her where the facility is enclosed in such a way that the insects won't be able to escape from her clutches. She'd order the genius engineers of the world to build her a flying suit that'll help tackle her 'not able to fly' problem. She'd command the wildlife hunters to catch various types of insects to be used in those arenas.

    She would order all the food companies to increase the production of cat and dog food. She'd invest in their research & development departments to enhance the taste and to invent new flavours for her. She'd spare us with all the good and tasty food but she'll put a ban on fish and chicken consumption and she'd order the cops to capture the humans who will try to consume fish, so that looks like a bad world for all the bengalis and punjabis to live in :P

    She'd also do all the regular tyrannical stuff like making the civil engineers carve her face into mount Rushmore, build a humungous expensive palace for her to stay, and forge a giant golden statue of her bust to place it in front of it. She'd sit on a diamond embedded chair with the softest silk woven cushions. A masseuse to massage her during day and another for the night shift. And alas, she'd make us all, all the poor civilians, to chant " All Hail Queen Sylvanas" coz that's her sweet little name :P


    PC:- me
    Model in frame: Queen Sylvanas :D

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