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    This is actually the words on a thank you
    card that I received probably 25 years
    ago, after some acquaintances nephew
    was killed by a drunk driver. I had sang at
    many funerals before, but never a child's.
    I honestly do not remember even singing.
    It was as if the holy spirit washed over my
    body and I did what needed to be done.
    In a trance like state. Surreal!

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    Sheri, we had no idea you could
    sing like that
    When you sang Over The Rainbow,
    for our nephews funeral, I swear I
    saw angels standing with you!
    At that moment, you were in a choir
    of Angels
    taking our little man home, where
    he will feel no pain, and
    walk over and under the rainbow if
    he so chooses!
    You calmed our spirit, so that we
    could say a proper good bye, so he
    can rest now with the angels and
    his creator. Please accept our
    gratitude! It was a beautiful send off.