• quin_pretty 6w

    I was in the kitchen cooking my mother's favorite soup, humming a tune and dancing along to it, when a pretty hot guy appeared in the middle of the kitchen, and the entire kitchen exploded.

    I was more concerned with the way the kitchen was looking, and the fact that my mother was coming home soon than the man standing there. I was pretty sure he'd leave when he was ready. I wouldn't push him away. Then, he shouted, "How the fuck were you able to summon me?"

    I gave him a quizzical look and planted my hands on my hip. "Summon you? Dude you were meant to be chicken soup? So, you either start cleaning up my kitchen or I'm actually going to turn you into chicken soup!"

    "Do you have any idea who you're talking to? I am Lucifer, the ruler of hell!"

    I rolled my eyes. "Great talk! Now start cleaning!" He simply stared at me and I picked up a knife and headed towards him. "Start cleaning!"

    He laughed. "You think you can kill me with a mere knife?"

    "I wasn't thinking of killing you. I was actually thinking of MAKING MY CHICKEN SOUP! SO FUCKING START CLEANING!"

    He glared at me. "Fine." He snapped his fingers and the kitchen went back to normal. "Now if you'll excuse me..."

    "Not so fast, mister. You're going to teach me how to make that chicken soup."