• theriventales 6w

    Dear Someone I have never met,

    It was a quiet Sunday morning when your thought popped up in my mind. You are someone I have never met and I don't know if I will ever yet I feel longing for you in my heart.I feel void for you in my soul. I feel like you have a piece of me.

    I know you are out there with somebody else and yet the thought of you feels like home to me. I imagine my morning waking up next to you, my days with you in a coffee shop,my evenings watching sunsets with you and my nights staring at the stars.

    I know we can have this with anyone else but I want to stand on the edge of hope that we will find each other someday in the most beautiful way and at the most perfect time. We will dream for each other and of each other.

    Maybe we will meet for one day and part forever but the chance to meet you and feel that way is something I want to cherish forever. Maybe you will not be my lover, you will just be my "someone" and we will have our eternity together in just one day.

    Someone who is waiting.