• disisdiplim 9w

    The story of
    great metamorphosis
    of a white swan
    into the dark one
    The thrill of seeing
    Something pure
    Getting engulfed by dark dominance
    Accepting the darkness residing within
    Letting go of the good
    And falling for the dire distressing madness

    There's always been a thin line
    Between dark and light
    The concurrent chaos
    The great horrid nightmares
    How long could you hold into
    your blissful pure self
    Until oneday you will be tainted by
    Sprinkled all over you like a colour on a canvas
    The contrary is
    You won't be beauteous the way a Canvas would
    You would be coloured deep in dankness and death
    Pushed towards an abyss so deep
    You won't able to breathe

    ~�� Diplim


    @mirakee @writerstolli @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    I am the beholder of night
    The darkest nights are the ones, I shall hide.
    And thy shall see only the one
    with bright moonlight