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    Wow it's been really long, I've missed you all. ( Writer's block�� nothing much to write). Just penned this yesterday hope you like it.
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    *The man I loved asked me what happiness was*
    September 2014
    If I could define happiness
    it will be the great autumn fall
    which wraps the icy winter
    core in early September.
    // love always has this beautiful beginning,
    little Wonder it withers at the end//

    October. 2018
    1460 days ago to be precise
    I still remember your first ever hello
    as I lay on my bed eyes closed.
    our daily routine of " I love you"
    and how important every minute
    with you was.
    // It seems time doesn't sweep clean the
    memory lane, for am still treading the
    Same October I took 4 years ago//

    November 2017
    3 years should be the distance
    of our relationship.
    Funny how we ended up looking
    for love with different frequencies.
    I recall the way you plastered
    a smile on my face with your hands.
    I tried doing the same thing
    but my reflection in the mirror
    kept proving me wrong.
    ( For shadows can't smile, can they?)
    // Today you left without a good bye
    never knew emotions ache in November//

    December 2019
    Feelings now tamed
    Melancholy begins to
    set me free.
    I let your memory slip away
    I accept that love wither and dies.
    Now the only thing
    remaining is life.

    * Today I got the answer to his question*
    // If I could define happiness
    It will be a moment to be continued
    tomorrow if I live//

    You broke my heart in September
    I walked down this street in October
    I cried for you in November
    I hope I get over you by December.

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