• jordan23 6w

    The Day

    It's come to the day where I want no more
    Then to disappear
    When I wish I was nowhere but with you
    When I wish it wasn't you
    But me instead
    Because it would save the people I love most
    From that broken heart
    And that deep scar on their hearts
    Things would be better

    It's come to the day
    Where I miss you
    So unbelievably
    It's like there's a knife in my chest
    Leaving me hurt
    And bleeding
    Waiting for your love
    To come back to me

    But when's the day gonna come
    Where I can stop faking a smile
    And it would be genuine
    Not some coy
    Just to make it seem like I'm okay

    When will the day come
    When I don't want it all to end
    When I don't wish that I could disappear
    When, will the day come
    Where I'm finally happy again
    And the thought of you
    No longer kills me?