• alisdaire_ocaoimph 5w

    Mad hatter

    Crazy, crazy
    You drew me
    Deep into the depth
    Where love filtered
    The texture of being
    To play it's little routine
    And held me.
    I'm the mad hatter
    Crazy as the days long
    Captured in the allure
    Where around me
    Gathers the army
    Of hearts to wage
    This war within me
    I'm a story book tale
    A flash in the pants
    Where Alice dangles
    Upon the curves
    Sings her song
    As I dance along
    All to the china cups
    Where the rabbits
    lost the cause
    And time rings across
    The long table
    Where my eye retains
    The vain of her neck
    The pumping heart
    That strains to those
    Ruby tinted lips
    And rages the bone
    Into the serenade
    Of tender thighs
    The queen wants
    It over, wants Alice
    To leave the fabled
    Abode where cards
    And mice play at life
    But I raise my tea cup
    Sip one last drop
    Of her ambrosia caverns
    And pull my topper

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph