• its_niaaa_writes 9w

    Where do i found him?
    Who is he?
    Does is voice is like rushing of water?
    Does is eyes is soo deep
    Like an ocean?
    Is he the Prince of my own world?

    Huhhhh! Lots of questions
    Had in my mind,
    When i saw him

    Observing him,
    That time
    Is like everything seems
    IN front of my eyes
    Accept his dusky eyes.

    That bleam on his eyes
    And that shade of his balls
    Told me every story
    Of his life.

    Well, i found my man
    Strong than anybody
    I know,

    I saw his arms with
    Carring my dreams.

    I don't heard his bold voice
    But his soul melts during
    Eye contact and
    Just Told me "i love you".