• rebeccaniz2 5w


    My eyes turn to you
    And so as I watch you shift
    My hands drop and my soul lifts,
    Your words, your thoughts, your unforgettable face
    Keeps me going through this maze
    I never knew how my heart could shift
    From a cold dark prison where I was caged
    To a meadow of love, where you now stay,
    Until your touch began to break
    All my chains of limitations I created
    All the distance within me that I hated
    You are the one that I needed,
    The empty space that I could never get
    The feeling of missing a piece that I could never understand
    You were the answer to my bleakness and I say
    As the cold breeze touch my face
    I turn to see you holding my hand,
    Pulling me close to share this breeze
    Wrapping your arms around to comfort me
    Could this be the ending of a time
    Or a new beginning of a timeline