• dry_ink_wet_paper 34w


    Are you the ghost of my love,
    Wrapping around me with your long arms,
    Just so you could feel my heart beat,
    Have you been there where I stayed,
    I stayed there for a while,
    And I left something,
    Don't remember what but I did,
    You came running back,
    With your long legs spreading the floor,
    With your sweet summer fruit-like voice,
    Calling me by name,
    In that moment,
    I lived like a eternal tree,
    Bound to it's roots for thousand of years,
    But I was just guileless in my standing.
    Just guileless.
    How could I be something else?
    For you stood right there,
    Waiting to think something,
    And waiting to stop talking,
    And I lived in that moment.