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    For the Overthinker

    I write and it's an ordeal to think
    Of An unfortunate turn of events in a blink,
    The past as complicated as a Sherlock's mystery
    And the future made of luck and vision's chemistry.

    Be optimistic and hopeful they say,
    Then tell me,"Yesterday was the only easier day",
    I ask myself,"How do I perform this play?"
    When I can't trust what will leave or who's going to stay.

    But there is something I forgot to think about,
    The Present, standing in front of me stout,
    Realising I missed the biggest chunk of the bout,
    The place where I did everything just to flout.

    Now I know for the past when I wanted a perfect ending
    Some poems don't rhyme still have a great understanding,
    Learning,the harder way that past is what has gone
    They weren't meant to be hence they left me alone.

    Now I know for the future where I wanted to decide everything,
    Leave it to the Almighty,all stories need not a clear beginning
    People leaving me may or may not be guilty,
    Life is about not knowing,it is a 'delicious ambiguity'.

    Do not expect,I breathe with an obligation of having to change,
    Taking the moment as one,then reach out to the maximum of my range,
    The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon
    But that I didn't take it as a boon
    And in the process of trying not to ruin it,
    I waited too long only to begin it.

    This life is like riding a bicycle,
    It will be hard peddling to reach the pinnacle
    To keep balance is the utmost thing
    And for that I must keep moving.

    I decide that I have a happy life waiting
    Because my life is made of lovely moments tied in a string.